Thank you for taking the time to fill in this survey. Your feedback is important in helping us make AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition™ an even better experience for our community.

What devices do you play games on the most?
What PC platform do you prefer?
What is the resolution of your primary display?
Does your primary display support any sort of adaptive sync technology?
How much time during an average week do you play games on your preferred platform? 
Are you willing to buy Graphics cards from these vendors?
AMD Radeon
Nvidia Geforce
Intel ARC
Which one of these would contribute to your next PC Graphics Card purchase? 
I am the first to try/enable new technologies.
Social aspects of gaming are a key part of the experience.
I am willing to pay more for a device if it means a higher quality product.
For most games you play which is more important to you?
Which of these are more important to you?  
How often do you review/adjust settings for your graphics card?
Do you capture and share game footage with friends?
Do you stream your gameplay online?
Do you use any game streaming services to play games from the cloud or remotely from your PC?
Do you use your computer for these creative scenarios? 
How much time during an average week to you use your computer for content creation?