AMD Xilinx

Vivado Hardware Debug Manager Survey


Which of the following statements describe your hardware setup? (Please select all that apply)
What is your level of experience with Python?
What is your preferred way to learn about new products/technologies? Please rank the following options using a scale from 1 to 4 (with 1 as your most preferred way to learn).
User Guides
Interactive examples/tutorials
I just hack it until it works

Debug Features

Which of the following devices are you debugging or expect to debug in the next year?
Which of the following debug features have you made use of in the past or plan to make use of within the next year? (Please select all that apply)


Which of the following test and measurement instruments do you use in the lab? (Please select all that apply)
Which of the following software/scripting do you use in the hardware lab? (Please select all that apply)